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Come again? Test your digital vocabulary. No. 2

You don’t bother speculating on whether the Bitcoin bubble will burst; you already know. Your day begins and ends with ‘OK Google’. You probably talk more to the search engine than you do to your partner. But this vocabulary may come in handy if you want to score a few points while making small talk. At the office they even make sense in terms of the future of work.

Say what? Test your digital vocabulary
Say what? Test your digital vocabulary part 1

  Deep learning

What kind of learning is this?

  • A method that allows you to recite something you have learned in your sleep.
  • An area of AI research in which computers can learn independently.
  • A leadership programme that teaches Buddhist concentration exercises.

  Digital twin

What kind of twin is this?

  • A double life on the Internet with a stolen identity.
  • A virtual existence on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  • A virtual model of a process, product or service.


What kind of association is this?

  • The five most important technologies to the digital transformation
  • The SMACT association promotes the spread of digital working culture. The name is a combination of the words SMART and ACTION.
  • It is not an association, but a well-known compliment on Instagram.

Do you use deep learning? Do you need a digital twin? And are you already SMACT? #jobwizards explains the buzzwords of #digitalisation https://km.social/2PTvv2e

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