Say what? Test your digital vocabulary

Of course, you already know who is ‘agile’ and where the ‘cloud’ is found. But here we present the latest digitalization buzzwords. They can enrich small talk, and those who go into them in detail can discover how the digital transformation can make further progress within companies.

Come again? Test your digital vocabulary. No. 2
One More? Test your digital vocabulary Part 2


What is it?

  • A digital illness
  • Programming with two hands
  • An organisational principle


What is it?

  • An item of jewellery for managers
  • A decentralised database
  • A chain reaction on a server farm


What are they?

  • The future method of equipping the workplace
  • Abbreviations for beer orders on Twitter
  • The three biggest digital associations in the USA

Who needs ambidexterity, where are blockchains & how funny is BYOD? #jobwizards explains #digitalization buzzwords.

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