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What is agile working? The most important answers can be found in the Job Wizards Workbook #2

The second Job Wizards Workbook is here. The title: Agile Working in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. In this workbook, we provide you with the most important information on agile working, free of charge. The knowledge section explains what agility in a company is, why it is important and what is needed for agile working. In the practical section, worksheets help you implement the freshly acquired knowledge in everyday work. Why not download it now?

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Agile working is not a panacea, but it is an element of success

According to an international study by the Scrum Alliance and the market research institute Forbes Insights from autumn 2018, four out of five managers consider agility to be one of the most important features of successful companies. Above all, they feel agile working speeds up innovation and time to market and increases employee motivation – capabilities that are essential for companies who want to survive in these dramatic times of rapid digital transformation.

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