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Say what? Test your digital vocabulary. No. III

You know the most important influencers in your industry. You can casually get involved in an argument about SEM, SEO and SEA like a pro. But the digital transformation is continually throwing up new terms. Here are another three you can use to work on your digital transformation.

Come again? Test your digital vocabulary. No. 2
Did you missed Part II of the vocabulary test?

  Fail fast

What is it?

  • A boot camp for failed managers
  • A data graveyard for start-ups
  • A method for fast product development

  Planning poker

Where is it played?

  • In the Strategy department in order to prioritise strategies
  • In an agile team to estimate the effort involved in projects
  • At the MBA casino in Palo Alto, where only players with an MBA are allowed entry


Who needs it?

  • Companies who want to offer new products and services
  • Schools in which pupils learn in a self-organised network
  • Scientists who want to connect artificial intelligence (AI) with human intelligence (HI)

Three new games for innovative work: fail fast, planning poker, co-creation. #jobwizards explains buzzwords of #digitalisation https://km.social/3fBXVbR

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