The digital future is changing the office

Ready for the digital future?

The digital future has begun; the world of work is changing. It’s a good idea to evaluate your own position with the Job Wizards check-up.

1. Specialist trade fairs, new trends, newsletters, blogs: what is your attitude towards all the new developments in your sector?

  • AI find trade fairs and trends to be overrated.
  • BInsofar as I have time to do so, I like to stay informed.
  • CNew things are always exciting – I can’t get enough of them.

2. The quarterly figures are not bad, but could be better. How do you react to this realisation?

  • ANo reason to panic, I’ll wait and see.
  • BThere must be reasons for it – I’ll see what the employees have to say.
  • CI will take a closer look at the figures and business areas – perhaps we even need to develop new ideas in the short term.

3. The biggest container ship in the world, robots that cook, or the facade of a building as an algae farm: are you interested in all kinds of new things?

  • ATo a degree, but not all new things – I am interested in specific areas.
  • BI like to take a look at things with which I am not familiar.
  • COf course. When possible, I also like to try new things out myself.

4. Albert Einstein said: “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” Was he right?

  • AThese days, without good school grades and a career apprenticeship or degree, you will have difficulties anyway.
  • BThat is certainly a statement worth considering.
  • CI think so – we all learn throughout our lives.

5. Practical experience over many years and good contact with customers, business partners and competitors: how well and comprehensively do you know your industry or area of work?

  • AI know my industry, but I do find networking difficult.
  • BI have not been around very long, but I’m learning every day.
  • CI would say: ‘I’ve got it covered!’

6. Strategic thinking and a trained intellect are key skills shown by sustainably successful managers. Let’s take a playful approach to these skills: which game would you spontaneously join in?

  • AMemory
  • BSkat
  • CChess

7. Specialisation is a highly prized commodity and offers many opportunities, but at the same time – if the specific area is experiencing a downturn – can be risky. What is your opinion on the matter?

  • AI really couldn’t say.
  • BThat’s an interesting question and a few things spring to mind.
  • CIn my opinion, even specialists should broaden their horizons now and then.

Are you ready for the future of work? Take the test. #jobwizards

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